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The Tag is to compliment 5 of your friends. The Rules?

1. People you know offline/real life don't count.
2. Do not say something like "Their art rox!" At least say something more complex, and go into detail of why.
3. If you are one of the five people complimented, then you are TAGGED! Therefore you must take this quiz as well.
4. You can tag people other than those you mentioned, even deviants you know from offline.

:iconledah: The best mouse artist i have ever seen. Also the creator of the shoyru on A great friend. fun to talk to about litteraly anything
drop by his gallery

:icontusami: The one who did my awsome avatar! Thats how we met and we have been friends ever since. She does awsome dragons and suprises
drop by her gallery

:iconhexaditidom: the best insperation i have ever had. He motavated mye to draw jerry again. He also taught me lots of ways to improve my art. He has the best cartoon art ive seen. I compare him to jim davis.drop by his gallery

Well thats all the ONLINE friends i have. that have inspired me so heres two others that i now in real

One of my three best friends. the 2nd best anime artist i know (his sister is the best) He has always been there for me. he is really cool. he recently moved to denver and doesnt really like it. i give him a call now and then. we try to talk as much as we can he always told me "youll beat me at drawing one day" drop by his gallery

:iconsonnikufan1: then one who brang me to DA he colors thwe best for crayola colored pencil. one of my oldest friends. and is really cool! drop by his gallery
i will draw 10 sketches for the first 10 peeps to post in this journal in retrn u must   make a journal like this too

My grandfather  pasted away in front of my eyes he died  because of CANCER
so i have been using MS paint to try to cheer me up because i have no photoshop.

oh well atleast my grandpa is in heavena nd not suffering ...:( :'(  but i'm still sad

:iconspudgun89: :iconsonnikufan1: :iconthe-red-demon:
:iconcyra333: :iconryku-isaigana:

friends online  
:iconemmyceru: :icontookie0489:  :iconspedgirlsrhot:  :iconshiroiusagi:  :iconledah: :icontusami:  :iconshadowmagi: :iconhexaditidom:

People i wish iwas friends with
:iconnch85: :iconwat-isnt-taken: :iconlazymuffin: :iconshaneoid77:

clubs i'm in :iconteendeviance: :icondeviantalbuquerque: :icongarfieldandfriends: :iconwerid-al-fanclub: :iconunseenartists:
family: :iconmaze-master20:

Yo i'm having a comic contest the winner will get a trophy for there dev art profile


there must be 3 panels the most you can have is 10

it must be funny

and i should understand it
i made a weird al club and i forgot my info on my last info so here it is
Friends in real
:iconspudgun89: :iconsonnikufan1: :iconthe-red-demon:
:iconcyra333: :iconryku-isaigana:

friends online  
:iconemmyceru: :icontookie0489:  :iconspedgirlsrhot:  :iconshiroiusagi:  :iconledah: :icontusami:  :iconshadowmagi:

People i wish iwas friends with
:iconnch85: :iconwat-isnt-taken:

clubs i'm in :iconteendeviance: :icondeviantalbuquerque: :icongarfieldandfriends: :iconwerid-al-fanclub:
family: :iconmaze-master20:
  • Listening to: Mosh-eminem albuquerque-weris al
  • Reading: none
  • Watching: Star wars3
I'm now drawing garfield  again and i have a pic for you calvin and hobbs fans too well cya

Friends in real
:iconspudgun89: :iconsonnikufan1: :iconthe-red-demon:

friends online  
:iconemmyceru: :icontookie0489:  :iconspedgirlsrhot:  :iconshiroiusagi:  :iconledah: :icontusami:  :iconshadowmagi:

People i wish iwas friends with
:iconnch85: :iconwat-isnt-taken:

clubs i'm in :iconteendeviance: :icondeviantalbuquerque: :icongarfieldandfriends:
hey i'm still accepting art requests or trades and i'm sad because my granpas dog died:(

friends in real :iconspudgun89: :iconsonnikufan1:

friends from online  :iconemmyceru: :iconshiroiusagi: :iconshadowmagi: :iconledah: :icontookie0489:

people that i want to be friends with...

groups that im in :iconteendeviance: :icondeviantalbuquerque:
I'm asking people if they can do art requests and i'm doing some my self.
Friends that are working on a art request for me.
I;m still slowly quiting DA but i would submit sum thing its just I'm busy all the time with home work even on weekends well More on this later.....
i may quit DA because no one comments on my pictures no one practicaly watches me
sots is so un active i hope it gets active soon